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DON’T Read the Comments

Whatever You Do, DON’T Read the Comments

We recently had to re-platform our e-commerce site. It took our team about 6 months of working days, nights, and weekends (you know the drill) to complete a minimum viable product. We had to remove a few of the fringe features in order to launch on time, and we knew we would catch a little flack for that, but we were taking a 5-year old site with tons of bad data and converting it into a modern and responsive e-commerce site. We were hoping customers would appreciate some of the newer, more important features like being able to see past order history and actually track the status of your current order, instead of missing the fringe features like badging (which meant nothing) and voting (which also meant nothing). We tested it well, at least that’s what we thought. We did user interviews and observations to inform our design decisions.

We were proud of it. Very proud of it.

The night of the launch, it took our team over 8 hours to complete the change over. They didn’t get to bed until after 6am.

At 8am, I was awakened by the sound of buzzing, incessant buzzing, coming from my phone. I was surprised to find several missed calls from people in our company, and texts as well. Apparently, while we were very proud of our work, our customers were not. And they let us know.

Superb job. Your web guy must have been so happy, first a gold star for show and tell with his guinea pig in class then someone actually used his broken ass programming. –Paradisel

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